COSTS: Essential Learning Items 2019

Barnawartha Primary School essential items payment structure 2019

Attached is a breakdown of our Fee Structure to help you with budgeting. Our fees are broken down into three parts, to allow you to see what it is you are paying for per student.

part 1 – Essential items (per student) eg online subscriptions, text books, exercise books and stationery and art supplies. We provide everything your child will need as part of this cost, so you don’t have the stress of purchasing or ordering these.

Part 2 – Voluntary Family Contribution (per family) to assist in the maintenance of our school grounds.

part 3 – Planned sports and excursions for each term (per student).

Additional Costs – over the year there are a number of fundraising events and activities we participate in that are not compulsory, but you might like to purchase or get involved in.

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