Whole School Pedagogy

whole school pedagogy 2019

Schools are required to have a pedagogical framework to ensure high quality teaching practices are focused on success for every student. This requirement acknowledges the impact of quality teaching and the evidence that pedagogy, implemented with consistency across a school setting improves student performance and alignment of our vision and values to be Safe and responsible citizens, Respectful and Honest individuals and successful and confident Learners.


Consistency in our Whole School Approaches – All teachers are informed and knowledgeable of the Whole School Teaching approaches and language, regarding our curriculum framework and that of our student engagement and well being manual, vision,  values and teaching of emotional intelligence.  Consistency in relationships – our students have been entrusted into our school. We are expected to be the professionals, and we are expected to nurture and care for them as young people. We teach the children we have, not the ones we might want to have. All families have the right to be respected and treated as equals. We look first to ourselves for accountability to ensure we become the best that we can be. We ask ourselves, “if so… now what?” “what will I do differently?” Consistency in behaviour management approaches – use wisdom not force. Be proactive before reactive. All teachers give their time to follow up and reflect on student behaviour personally with the child as per the Student Engagement and Well being Manual and emotional intelligent teaching pedagogy.


Clarity of assessments: Teachers know what, when and how to assess and analyse student performance – Teachers use feedback, assessment and data approaches that are timely, formative, monitor learning growth and acknowledge achievement. Regular data tracking and analysis is used by all teachers and analysed at meetings to inform and give direction to Performance Development and ultimately demonstrate impact on student achievement growth. Clarity of feedback: Students receive feedback that is Goal Driven (Where am I going?), Task Specific Corrective (How am I going?) Strategy and Target Set (How will I get there?) and Growth Assessed (What did I achieve?).


Teachers can plan a differentiated curriculum to set learning goals and pathways – Teachers have in depth knowledge and understanding of the Learning Areas and Capabilities progression pathways and standards of student achievement.  All teachers are in a progressive state of refining and value adding to their teaching. They know and can plan for the progression pathways for all students and seek out and engage in professional development. They embrace multi-age classrooms and acknowledge the multitude of learning styles and capabilities to provide a differentiated curriculum.


Teachers use innovative teaching approaches that align with the Victorian Curriculum Standards –  Programs guarantee coverage of the mandated standards in all areas with specific attention also given to the Arts (Visual and Performance), Languages (Spanish), Science, EQ and Rich Tasks. All teachers have access to MAPPEN to plan Rich Tasks, which integrates Technologies, Health and Physical Education, Science and Humanities and it specifically addresses the Victorian Capabilities of Critical and creative thinking, Ethical Capability, Intercultural Capability and Personal and Social Capability.


Teachers embed a culture of having a Growth Mindset, High Academic and Behaviour          Expectations, and Emotional Intelligence – We  make priority to maintain high standards of ourselves within the school and protect its reputation. High levels of community engagement inside and out of school hours and a family focused environment is demonstrated through their interactions at all times. Staff are proud and accountable –  we protect what we have created – we have an amazing family focused and unique culture and positive image within our community that has been created with a lot of hard work through sacrifice of time, energy and most of all commitment to our values and vision. As a community together with our staff, students and families we are prepared to hold ourselves accountable to protect our image and culture, at all times upholding a positive image of our self and the school, its staff, students, families and the community that we are in. We NEVER speak negatively of the people in our school community no matter what sort of a day we have had. We get involved because we are part of a team. We are proactive, supportive and do our part to keep our classrooms,    building and school grounds clean.


Teachers have an explicit understanding of the Victorian Curriculum and Whole School approaches – Embedded throughout is our ability to build our own capacity to understand, implement and assess against the standards of the Victorian Curriculum. Staff attend all scheduled meetings and are prepared with data and planning, they have completed tasks, activities or readings.  They maintain an open mind, focus on their impact, they have action and solutions based discussions.  Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships, eSmart and Child Safety Standards are taught and embedded throughout the curriculum. All staff maintain a commitment to accountability in their professional development to provide a rich and viable curriculum.