Time Capsule

One of our traditions, which we do every year begins in February, when our students are given the task to create a Time Capsule with their family. Once created it is kept at school and then opened in December. They are given a list of questions to answer and things to collect to put into their personal time capsules (see attached link below).

Time Capsule 2019

What does the Time Capsule look like?

Each student is given an A3 sized envelope which they can decorate, some students create their own book or poster and some use a scrap book or display folder. Over the years it is added to and becomes a very special record of your child – their likes, dislikes, hobbies, favourite sayings, height and complete with photos and mementos. Little things that capture a special snapshot at that point in time.

Imagine looking through this when your child is an adult!

Opening the Time Capsule.

In the last week of school in December, we come together to open our time capsules. It is such a special moment for us all. We look through all the things we placed in there and reflect on how much we have changed or things that have stayed the same about us. The item that is the most precious to our students is the ‘letter from a loved one’.

What goes into the Time Capsule? (about the student)

  • A letter from  a loved one – from a parent, grandparent, guardian or special adult to the student. To write about you (the student) and what they think the year will be like and what they hope for you to achieve. (This should be written to you, sealed in an envelope and is not read by you until we open the capsule in December).
  • Your height and shoe size.
  • Describe your hair – colour and style. (You can put in a photo yourself or you can draw a picture of it now and draw what you think it will look like at the end of the year. Will you grow it longer or cut it shorter or keep it the same?
  • What’s a saying or thing you do at the moment. Is there any ‘craze’ that’s happening right now?
  • What are your top three favourite songs? And your top three favourite movies or TV shows or sports?
  • What is your favourite school subject and why?
  • Put in a wrapper or label of your favourite snack (eg chocolate bar, biscuit, lolly) that you just love to eat. (please make sure it is clean and dry as it will be in the envelope for a good 11 months.)
  • A Challenge for Yourself – Make a Vision Board – what are three goals you want to achieve this year at school that will require you to be;
  1. Brave:
  2. Motivated:
  3. Creative:
  4. A Leader:
  • Competition – Predict what day we will open the capsule. What day, date and time.
  • Place something in the time capsule that is special to you. (Photos or small objects are best).

To our families, please take time to help your child create their capsule and ensure it is returned to school in February. When the day comes and we sit together to open them and look through them, those who haven’t completed them always feel disappointed that they’re not part of this moment. Those who have made them, feel very grateful that they were.

Thanks for your support in taking a moment to make a moment.

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