Foundation Transition Program


Our Transition Program

Our Transition Program for our future Foundation students starts in Term 1, the year prior to commencing school. Our early transitions have proven success in ensuring our students are  prepared for their first year of school and have the fundamentals of Routine,  Responsibilities and  Relationships to allow them to be Ready emotionally and become academically successful.   Separation anxiety is reduced (for both parents and child) as they get to know Ms Kerr and the Junior Room classmates and experience the sights and sounds of “big school.”

Specific dates will be advised on enrollment. Times for each session will begin               from 9am-10am and extend  throughout the year.


  • TERM 1:               Week 8                                   9am –10am.
  • TERM 2:               Week 5 and week 10.         9am –10am
  • TERM 3:               Week 6  and week 9            9am-11:40am
  • TERM 4:                Week 3        9am-12:40pm    and Week 6:      9am—2:20pm.
  • TERM 4: State-wide transition day in Week 10.   9am—3:30pm (all day).

BUDDY SYSTEM: Our new Foundation students are surrounded by students of various ages who they can rely on for assistance or as a play buddy.  The culture of our school fosters a sense of family and it is an expectation that all students care for each   other no matter what age group or year they are in.

ENROLLMENT: Children can be enrolled any time during the year prior to their      attendance.  Proof of age (Birth Certificate or extract), must be produced at the time of enrollment. Foundation children should be at least 5 years old by the 30th April.  An Enrollment Form is to be completed for each child.  The necessary forms for enrollment are included in our school’s information pack, and also available at the front office.When enrolled into our school and transition program all future Foundation students receive a Transition T-Shirt to wear.

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