Barnawartha Primary School’s mission is to provide World Class Education for World Class Students by embedding a culture of high performance through academic achievement and emotional intelligence.

Values: Our school values are the foundations of our accountability as members of our community, to be SAFE and responsible citizens, RESPECTFUL and honest individuals and successful and confident LEARNERS. These  are enacted through our Barny Stars program to equip our staff and students with the skills to become the future, Leaders of Possibility.

We believe that “It takes a village to raise a child”.  We acknowledge that education extends beyond the school where families, local businesses, sporting clubs and community members have a significant impact on the emotional well being and success of our children.  We are all accountable and we are all united in our   vision to ensure our children become the best that they can be. Our school ensures at all times that it has a positive physical presence in the community and engaged in community events that promote our school and build connections with families and locals.

Curriculum: We believe in developing skills and strategies to build independent and confident learners who are motivated to excel at a high standard academically. Our teachers build their stamina and love of literacy and numeracy with a differentiated instruction, delivered through an instructional Model of the Daily Five (English) and Daily Three (Mathematics),  which targets the individual child’s point of need. Mappen provides our Rich Task Curriculum of Community, Identity, Sustainability, Change, Social Justice, Discovery, Creativity and Connections. All teachers are responsible for core curriculum development and delivery in English, Mathematics, EQ, Science, PE the Arts and Rich Tasks, that incorporate the core capabilities as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.

Assessment: Ongoing formative assessments using online, written tasks, rubrics, I Can Statements, models and presentations allow students to receive immediate feedback and monitor their progress to set learning goals to determine pathways to success. Teachers across all levels ensure scope and sequence and curriculum    coverage is monitored and assessed across the school.

Emotional Intelligence: We believe that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation of student well-being and engagement and has the greatest impact on achievement. Therefore we challenge students to understand their thoughts, feelings and actions and the impact they have on themselves and those around them. We challenge them to  learn to how to become  accountable for the things they say and do. Resilience, Self-Control, Persistence, Motivation and Empathy are taught through The Golden Rule, to “Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated”. EQ teaches our students how to be smart with their emotions.

Curriculum Planning Cycle: The school’s leadership is focused on 4–5 year planning cycles and continuous analysis of a range of data around school improvement. At this level there is an integration of long term planning around financial management, community engagement, workforce planning and school structures. There is a high level of professional development and the promotion of professional autonomy in the context of participation in school improvement.

The school is developing a structured approach to curriculum planning that ensures a shared vision within the school on curriculum development, common documentation and common understanding of the whole-school curriculum by teachers and parents.  The data is analysed regularly by teachers in their curriculum planning and includes a suite of year level assessments in line with the school’s assessment schedule.

The SPORTING SCHOOLS PROGRAM enables our students to participate in sporting events at school, regional and/or state level; such as Cross Country, Athletics, Swimming, inter-school sports days (football, netball, t-ball, rugby etc).  LANGUAGES EDUCATION offers significant benefits for our students, their families and communities.  We teach the  language of SPANISH. Learning a language other than English helps our children to develop their first language literacy, problem-solving, intercultural communication skills and it equips them for a wide range of careers. More broadly, it contributes to social cohesion, underpins Victoria’s increasingly globalised and export-oriented economy and enables speakers of the languages to maintain or reclaim their languages. Our SCIENCE program focuses on the awareness of self and the local world where our Junior students explore their intrinsic curiosity about their immediate world. Asking questions leads to speculation and the testing of ideas. Exploratory, purposeful play is a central feature of their investigations. Our Senior students learn to recognise questions that can be investigated scientifically and investigate them by developing ideas about science that relates to their lives, answer questions, and solve mysteries of particular interest to their age group.

THE PERFORMANCE ARTS: Music, drama, dancing and singing.

We believe that the Arts plays a significant role in student engagement, creativity and critical thinking which impacts on increased academic outcomes. Our students participate in a weekly Performance Arts program that provides instruction in one area or a combination of drama, singing, dance, and instrumental music. We also participate in small school performances such as our Fete and events through the Arts Festival in which students perform in front of a live audience in Wodonga.  All students participate in a live musical theatre production every two years, where they perform for their community in Barnawartha.


ANNUAL FAMILY EXCURSIONS: Live musical theatre. Families, staff and students travel together by bus. It’s a highly anticipated our most favourite of family events. 2014  Werribee Zoo  2015  Lion King at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne and the Melbourne Museum. 2016 Matilda  at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne and  Science Works. 2017  Aladdin at the Regent Theatre and Clip and Climb Melbourne. 2018 Wizard of Oz at The Regent Theatre and Clip and Climb Melbourne.

END OF TERM FAMILY DINNERS. The active involvement of families in their child’s school life has proven success in their academic and emotional achievement, but it also fosters connections, relationships, accountability, empathy, community engagement and pride within their family, school and town. Our school holds a number of events to build our culture of family, one of those being our End Of Term Family Dinners. These dinners are also a favourite and treasured night for our kids, staff and parents. They are held on the 2nd last evening of the school term. (alcohol free events).

TERM 1: Barbeque and Easter Egg Hunt: Outdoors BYO.

TERM 2: Themed Dress Up and casserole night: (theme TBA at the beginning of each year). Prizes for best dressed categories, raffles and lucky door prizes. Families bring a casserole to share. Staff provide desserts.

TERM 3: Casserole night: families bring a casserole to share. Staff provide desserts.

TERM 4: BYO Picnic dinner- families provide a BYO picnic meal for their family only.



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